Version 1 Product Updates

Upgrades to Notifications

 •  3 minutes read

Upgrades to Notifications

We just made updates to Scout that will improve your alarm-triggered notifications, and affect HTTP notifications. Details on these changes below:

Alarm-Triggered Notifications

These are the notifications you add to a mode and receive via push, text, email or phone, when your alarm is triggered. Our community wanted more situation-relevant information with notifications and we listened: we have upgraded the free-form text option to a structured approach that will highlight the most important information when your alarm goes off so you can make a more informed decision on next steps. All you have to do now is add* who you want to receive each notification under a specific mode. An example notification will now read something like this:

“An alarm has been triggered at [your location name] by [your device name] at [time**].”

HTTP Notifications

With our new IFTTT integration, we are removing HTTP notifications. Using IFTTT will make for a more improved and robust experience, leveraging IFTTT’s 168 channels.

*All current recipients of notifications will continue to receive them. Only the content of the notification will be affected by this upgrade.

**Time stamps in notifications are populated based on your time zone, generated by your address on file. If we have no address we default to Central Time (Chicago, Scout HQ). To add your address simply follow this link: