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Meet Scout - Arlene

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Meet Scout - Arlene

Arlene has more than 30 years’ experience conceptualizing, launching and building startup companies as well as holding executive management positions at Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Scout as VP Business Development, Arlene was co-founder and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for Acceller, Inc., acquired by Bridgevine, Inc. in 2014, an internet-based digital lifestyle services company. Before that, she was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development for PrimeStreet Corporation, a venture backed internet technology services provider for the financial industry. She previously held significant technology and leadership positions during her 12 year tenure at Lotus Development Corporation and IBM, where she last held the position of General Manager for IBM’s Telco and ISP Division. She was also Vice President of Technical Services at Strategic Information/Ziff Davis, and Group Manager of the Analytics Database Programming Group at Interactive Data Corporation. Arlene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Massachusetts and also holds a Massachusetts Certification in Secondary Education. She has also completed an Executive Management Program from Harvard Business School.

- What’s your favorite part of being a member of the Scout team?

I get to work with a fantastic group of individuals and learn something new everyday! It’s really amazing to have been a part of this industry in some way since its inception, and now I get to be an instrumental part of a team that’s helping revolutionize the way people view home and apartment safety. I can’t beat it :)

- Besides Scout, which IoT product can you not live without and why?

That’s a hard one. I’ve always been interested in IoT (I have some stories about from back when the internet was in its infancy and before anyone even thought to call it IoT!), but never really dove in until I was with Scout. I’m a company woman though, so Scout is always number one, but I’ve had my eye on some Phillips Hue lights to bring some new excitement to the house.