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Pay Less to Protect

Keep your home and your budget safe — Scout makes the latest home security technology
affordable for everyone with no required monthly fees.

Decor that Deters

Repel criminals in style with Scout's sleek, modern design and customizable finishes that blend in or stand out — whichever you prefer.

Renters, Rejoice

You don't have to own your home to install a Scout system. We welcome renters and make it easy to take Scout with you when you move.

Instant Installation

Easily install the system yourself with no wires, no land lines, and no technicians — Scout is seamless DIY.

Monitoring, Modernized

Use WIFI to keep an eye on your home, for free, using your smartphone or computer, or pay the pros to monitor for you. It's your choice.

Forget False Alarms

When the cops come for a false alarm, it costs big bucks. We help you avoid fees by letting you choose how to handle alerts.

Second batch ships Q2 2014

Pre-Order Now
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