Leave your smartphone stored away and don’t even bother looking at your wrist. Instead, ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa to update you on Scout and immediately upgrade your smart home experience with Scout's Alexa home security. Today, Scout leads the smart home security market with a system that can be operated by simply talking to Alexa. Below are just a few of the many voice commands you can use when you launch Scout on your Amazon Echo.

Stay Updated

  • Alexa, ask Scout to get the last event.
  • Alexa, ask Scout about the last five activities.
  • Alexa, ask Scout what just happened.
  • Alexa, ask Scout what mode is armed.
  • Alexa, is my security system armed?
  • Alexa, is my bedroom window sensor open?

Know Your Status

  • Alexa, arm Away Mode.
  • Alexa, disarm.
  • Alexa, switch to Home mode.
  • Alexa, arm Vacation mode.
  • Alexa, arm my security system.
  • Alexa, is the front door working?

Alert Others

  • Alexa, open Scout and turn on the siren.
  • Alexa, tell Scout to panic!
  • Alexa, tell Scout to send help!
  • Alexa, open Scout and start panic mode!
  • Alexa, tell Scout that someone broke in!
  • Alexa, tell Scout to help!
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