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The IFTTT Fix: Roomba & Scout = Happily Ever After

 •  4 minutes read

The IFTTT Fix: Roomba & Scout = Happily Ever After

On Friday’s TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast, we learned that Greg Kumparak’s Roomba and Scout’s motion sensor were not getting along well when left home alone. The motion sensor would catch the Roomba every time it moved to simply fulfill his daily vacuuming. Both devices were only trying to do their jobs, but the lack of communication between them resulted in jobs not well done.

Compelled to find a fix and mend the relationship between the Roomba and Scout, we brainstormed ways to prevent this from happening again: enter our upcoming integration with IFTTT. In the IFTTT Scout Channel, we have created two IFTTT Recipes (recipe 1, recipe 2) that allows the Roomba to vacuum without being detected and have a clean home ready for Greg when he comes home.

The video below shows how we integrated Scout with the Roomba using IFTTT, in a way that was not possible before:

The Rosie Mode from Scout Alarm on Vimeo.

First, we attached a Scout access sensor to the top of the Roomba system; one piece on the vacuum, and the other on its charging station. Then we created two IFTTT Recipes that triggered when that access sensor status changes to “open” and then to “close”.

Our 2 IFTTT Recipes: (1 of 2) If the Roomba access sensor status is “open”, then disarm mode with motion sensor. (2 of 2) If the Roomba access sensor status returns to “close”, then re-arm the previous mode with motion sensor.

When the Scout-fitted Roomba leaves its charging station, it triggers the IFTTT Recipe to disarm the motion sensor, then arms the motion sensor when the Roomba returns. With this in place, Greg and other Roomba owners no longer need to worry about their Scout and Roomba getting along. The floors are left clean and the home remains protected.