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Staying Online Matters

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Staying Online Matters

“About every 15 seconds, homeowners become the victims of burglary, resulting in a loss of roughly $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage each time.”

-according to the U.S. Department of Justice

With homes being damaged and burglarized so frequently, it is important to invest in home security that keeps you in control and aware at all times.

“Approximately 83 percent of the offenders said they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target.”

A home security system will lower your chance of a break-in but also give a sense of control when you’re away, home alone, or in bed for the night.

Whether you invest in a multi-year contract with ADT, or purchase a self-installed system, the connectivity features of modern systems are one of the major selling points. Most systems will send you a message or call your mobile phone when the alarm is triggered. What is often overlooked, however, is that the message or phone call you receive is only as good as your system’s ability to contact you. You’re buying a home security system under the premise that you can trust it when the worst happens. Make sure it’s a system that can communicate with you in any situation.

In the modern era, wireless systems tend to be very convenient with DIY installation, no contracts and affordable monthly fees. These systems leverage the home’s internet connection to stay online. What few people realize is how frequently their in-home internet disconnects. Many use it for just a couple hours in the evening, and don’t realize how often the internet cuts out throughout the day. With cellular backup, you add another layer of connection to your home security system to keep your security online.

With traditional home security, it’s installed into the walls and connected through the landline. Your system will stay online and continue to communicate and function as long as your phones continue to do so. Modern and traditional systems are both working to keep you protected and ensure that you never miss an alert. But, your home security system is only as good as you make it. Invest in security that will keep you connected 24/7 and take all the precautions to protect what matters to you.