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Self-Installation Made Easy.

 •  2 minutes read

Self-Installation Made Easy.

In the midst of shipping our Scout pre-orders, we want to make sure you have everything to make your self-installation as easy as possible, once you receive your system. Below are a variety of resources that will walk you through the installation process, provide troubleshooting, and allow you to ask and answer questions.

  1. Help Forum: A community where others are asking and answering questions.
  2. FAQs: A list of questions we have put together that you may have
  3. LED Light Guide: During installation, the lights on the hub and door panel are important. Use this guide to understand what each light means.
  4. Installation Video: A step-by-step video walking you through the installation process for each device.
  5. Troubleshooting: Having issues installing? Refer to solutions here to resolve those.
  6. Installation Guide: You will receive a hard copy of this with your order. This is the digital version.

Everything we mentioned above is on our Support Page to provide you with the answers you need during your installation process and beyond. To get updates follow us on Facebook or @scoutalarm on Twitter.