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Renters, Welcome.

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Renters, Welcome.

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep it safe. Your TV, your computer, your family; all of these are incredibly valuable to you. Unfortunately, they are not valuable enough to many security companies. As a result, your options as a renter for home security are very limited.

Many security companies won’t provide a renter with security and we find that unjust. We don’t care if you own or rent. We care about your safety. You need protection, too. We understand that you could move. We get that you don’t want to wait weeks for a consultation and then wait again for an installation by someone else. We know you need flexibility. That’s why we created Scout, our smart home security system, to fit your needs and wants:

  • You install it: Don’t wait around for someone else. Order on our site and once you receive it, install it yourself with the steps mapped out in the printed guide, on our website, or in the iOS or Android mobile app.
  • It moves with you: You don’t want something too permanent. You want to be able to easily uninstall and take it to your next home. You can move Scout anytime to anywhere, and re-install it easily.
  • No hidden contract: We do not require any type of contract. You can self-monitor for free. We do offer optional monthly paid monitoring plans for those who want more. If you want a discount, sign-up for a Yearly plan and qualify for a reduced price with your annual subscription.
  • A modern look: We have left behind the archaic alarm design (25 years and counting), and created a sleeker suite of products. We leave it to you to decide what you think will complement your home best.

What you own and value should be kept safe, even if it’s just inside your home, and not the home itself. Renters, we welcome you.