Notify Your Neighborhood Watch with Scout + IFTTT

 •  3 minutes read

Notify Your Neighborhood Watch with Scout + IFTTT

Owning a Scout alarm makes your home a safer place. What makes Scout even better and smarter are the integrations that we have, such as Nest and IFTTT (short for: If This, Then That).

We recently noticed a great way to use the IFTTT integration to notify a group of people should your alarm go off. If your Scout alarm is triggered, Scout can post this information immediately to your Facebook Neighborhood Watch page and alert your neighbors of a possible break-in. Your neighbors can keep themselves safe, call the police or even check on you and your home.

On Scout’s IFTTT channel, create a recipe that says: “If my Scout alarm is triggered, then post to my Facebook Neighborhood Watch page”. You choose what to post to the Facebook page of your choice.

The actual post would look like Anita’s update in the photo below:


Pretty impressive, huh? Purchase Scout today and set up the notification on IFTTT!