Introducing the Scout Alarm Channel on IFTTT

 •  2 minutes read

Introducing the Scout Alarm Channel on IFTTT

Scout customers have been constantly asking if we plan to integrate with IFTTT. We have been working on the integration over the past few months and can now officially say we have a Scout Alarm channel on IFTTT The Scout Alarm Channel on IFTTT will provide an easy way to connect various non-Scout apps and products to your Scout system, allowing them to communicate and perform together. Recipes on IFTTT are simple: they include a trigger that then causes an action to occur, based on what you setup for each Recipe. Currently, there have been 18 million active Recipes created on IFTTT, and that number continues to grow.

Recipes are the key to this seamless communication between Scout and several different apps and products. For example, you can have your LIFX bulb flash if your Scout is triggered.

Want to start making and using Recipes with your Scout system? Login or create an account now on and check-out some Scout Alarm Recipes, as well as make some up of your own.

Start cookin’!