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Customization: Countdowns, Alarm Delays & Key FOBs

 •  3 minutes read

Customization: Countdowns, Alarm Delays & Key FOBs

You asked and we are developing and delivering! Here are a few new options to customize your Scout system further.

1. Countdown Chirps

You can customize your alarm to have a silent alarm by removing the countdown chirps and siren from the mode. All the modes that have a siren as part of the reaction automatically got the countdown chirp added to them. You can change that in each mode. Please note that if you have professional monitoring, the countdown chirp is automatically added. If you remove the countdown chirps from a mode, it will automatically remove professional monitoring from that mode as well. This is to prevent falls alarms from occurring.

2. Alarm Delay

Now you have the ability to set a custom alarm delay with or without countdown chirps. Initially, we had the industry standard of 45 seconds. Customize the length of time you have to disarm the alarm when setting up your mode, at 0, 5, 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds. We highly recommend giving yourself at least 30 seconds to disarm your alarm. If you have professional monitoring, you cannot set up a custom delay. If you had no delay with professional monitoring, you would be receiving a call from professional monitoring immediately every time you set off an alarm with a mode that had no alarm delay, and notified you immediately. The alarm delay for professional monitoring prevents false alarms and is an industry standard.

3. RFID Arming on a Mode Level

You can now specify the mode the RFID key FOB will arm the system to. To do this, when registering your key FOB, pick the mode the RFID key FOB should arm when swiped on the door panel, and you are all set. The registered RFID key FOB will still disarm any armed mode.