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Customer Creativity: The Name Game

 •  3 minutes read

Customer Creativity: The Name Game

During installation, every customer names their location and device(s) in their Scout system. We see a lot of “Home”, “Front Door”, “Upstairs Hallway” - the standard naming conventions we would expect.

Recently, we noticed a couple more uncommon names, giving us some insight into the personalities of our customers. With our curiousity peaked, we dug through the whole list of device names and were amused to learn that we did have more creative names in our database.

For some fun Friday reading, we picked our favorites and got consent from our customers to feature their names below:

Watch out! A few customers have areas you probably want to stay out of:

  • Danger Zone
  • Death’s Door
  • House of PAIN

We liked this cool take on motion sensor names:

  • Scout’s Eye
  • The Eye
  • Crystal Eye

Loved the fictional references:

Thank you to our customers for being good sports about us including them. We want Scout to keep you safe but we do like seeing our customers having fun with the product as well. It’s nice to see how creative they can get. Keep ‘em coming!

Happy Friday!