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COMING SOON: Scout’s V1.2.0 Firmware

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COMING SOON: Scout’s V1.2.0 Firmware

After shipping all our pre-orders and gathering feedback from customers, Scout Engineering has been focused on building out and releasing firmware version 1.2.0. This firmware will make Scout more efficient and fix bugs that customers may have experienced. This update will be pushed to live Scout systems over the next week. If you have a live system, you will receive an email the day the firmware will be pushed to it.

What does the firmware update include?

Door Panel:

  • Arm Status Notification: when touched, the door panel will blink PURPLE when armed

  • the door panel will blink BLUE when unarmed

  • The light will not stay on all the time in-order to conserve battery

  • Check out this link for a complete color guide:

  • RFID key FOB & sticker: When the alarm is triggered, the door panel’s RFID reader will immediately turn on and remain on during the countdown and siren to allow an easier disarm with the RFID key FOB or RFID sticker

  • Initially, it only enabled when the reader sensed a presence vs. staying on now for the entirety of the countdown chirps and for the duration of the siren (when triggered by an alarm)

Overall Hardware:

  • Improved battery efficiency

  • Fixed mesh network corruption: prevents the hub from going offline

  • Reduced mesh network message collision: reduces wireless traffic on larger systems (over 20 devices)


  • Activity feed: Fixed the bug to accurately register the access sensor opening and closing, real-time in the activity feed

  • Hub battery status: Fixed a bug to correctly notify you via email if your system has enabled battery back-up due to a power outage

  • Adding Android Push notification support ahead of beta release coming early next week