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CES 2015: What The Pack Observed

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CES 2015: What The Pack Observed

For the first time, co-founders Dan and Dave, joined by Head of Partnerships & BD, Noah, headed to Las Vegas to check out what another tens of thousands of other passionate techies were: CES 2015.

This year, Scout was a bystander; we did not display. Instead, our small team stood back, observed, and soaked it all in. With just 72 hours on the ground filled with endless meetings and scheduled events, Dan, Dave and Noah managed to also take note of the whirlwind around them: a record-breaking attended event that improved on the now, delivered on the unimaginable, and spoke to what was coming up next.

After touching down back in a snowy, icy Chicago, Dan, Dave and Noah reflected on what they saw at CES. Here is what the team came away with:

Connected Home Is Here To Stay

If you saw articles leading up to CES, you definitely caught mentions around home automation and connected homes. There may not have been an “iPhone”moment but the topic was evidently hot in conversation and elaborate company displays; they spared no expense.

Bigger Means BIGGER

CES was the holy grail to showcase a company’s latest and greatest. Companies pulled out all the stops … and then some, to leave unforgettable impressions on CES attendees. It also seemed like a good place to intimidate your competition.

Handshakes & Conversation

Even though there were companies that were invested in, and focused on their displays, many people came to CES to grab the attention and time of potential clients, partners and manufacturers. The opportunities were sensational.

Be Prepared

Basic words of advice: wear comfortable shoes and know where the restrooms are. You will be walking everywhere and drinking a lot of water.

Mind. Blown.

Co-founder Dan speaks to what really impressed him at CES: “Of all of the new gadgets that debuted at the show, I think Oculus’ VR headset will be a transformative moment. It is apparent that a ton of time is going to be spent in virtual environments when the consumer version hits; it will give new meaning to binge gaming. It even has incredible implications across education, training and more. The most powerful part is that people seeking experiences they can’t afford, will be able to experience them in their living room. I think we are just scratching the surface of what VR could morph into and some very interesting social issues will come up, as a result.” Where would you want to go in your virtual environment?