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Burglars, #FAIL

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Burglars, #FAIL

burglar noun \ˈbər-glər also -gə-lər\

: a person who illegally enters a building in order to steal things

A burglar is someone you never want coming over. If you are the victim of a burglary, you want justice. Justice can and has been served when you take measures to protect your home. Simple security measures ensure that justice is served in the videos below. Watch as thieves attempt break-ins, in some cases are successful at committing the crime, and in all cases were caught for their actions. In the moment they felt unstoppable, but home security made sure that justice was served.

  1. You didn’t sign for it: Apparently Brandon’s mom never taught him that opening someone else’s mail was against the law.
  2. Creepy: The mask won’t do much in real-time, buddy.
  3. Nice jump-kick: Make sure the house is empty - check. Make sure the house is empty again - check. Make sure there is no security in place. Oops, forgot that one.
  4. No shirt, no shoes, no getaway: Hellooo? You can’t hide from social media, bros.
  5. Look ma, no hands: This guy feels really slick getting into the house but didn’t think about the camera seeing him and motion detectors sensing him.

There is an element of satisfaction when you can catch someone who has wronged you no matter what year it is, like this 1990’s gem.

Burglars, #FAIL.