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All your bags are packed, but are you ready to go?

 •  3 minutes read

All your bags are packed, but are you ready to go?

We’re getting ready for the holidays here at Scout. We want to thank our customers and readers for all of your support this past year. Your enthusiasm and feedback keeps us inspired and serious about the future of the home security and the connected home. We’re so excited for 2017 and the work we will do together.

Being the security freaks that we are, we can’t help but worry about all of the homes left empty while people travel for the holidays. Whether you’re escaping the winter to Florida or searching for a white Christmas somewhere snowy, chances are you’re headed out of town. About 50% of Americans will be travelling long distances over the next several weeks. That means that over half of America’s houses and apartments are unattended at some point, and boy do burglars love unattended homes. Not to worry, though, there are some simple precautions you can take to secure your home before you leave and while you’re away.

First, make sure your Scout Alarm is set up right. This includes making sure that all of your sensors are online. Sign into Scout Alarm in your browser or on your phone and double check that every sensor says “Online.” You should also make sure your arming states are set up correctly. Maybe your standard “Away” mode doesn’t include motion sensors because you usually leave your dog at home. Create a “Vacation” mode which should have every sensor in your system activated for maximum security.

It’s also a good idea to leave a light or two on so the house doesn’t look empty. If you use LIFX connected light bulbs which integrate with Scout, you can set them to vacation mode which turns them on and off intermittently to give the home the illusion of activity in case anybody is watching. If you know your neighbors, it doesn’t hurt to ask one of them to collect any mail or packages left on your doorstep which is a surefire way to tell a house is empty.

Finally, you need to relax. Double check you’ve got your wallet, keys, family, luggage, presents and then take some time off and enjoy yourself.

We’re wishing you a happy and safe holiday and New Years from the whole Scout Alarm family.