5 Incredible Benefits of Having a DIY Home Security System

5 Incredible Benefits of Having a DIY Home Security System

Most customers get a DIY security system for the obvious reason of securing their home or business. It’s cost-effective, hassle-free, and protects your home and valuables from intruders but here are five bonus benefits of having a home security system.

1. Provides Peace of Mind

This first benefit of peace of mind cannot be overstated. Possibly the greatest benefit of having an alarm system is the sense of security. Feeling safe both inside and outside of your home helps productivity, health, and focus. Having access to a mobile app that allows you to self-monitor your system in real-time keeps you from worrying about your home when you're away.

2. Deters Crime

Having a security system doesn’t only protect you - it makes your whole neighborhood safer! The more security systems there are in your area, the less likely there will be a break-in, even for people who do not own a system. A yard sign or visible video doorbell can give potential thieves pause.

3. Lowers Home Insurance Premiums

There is no dollar amount that can be put on your safety, but it is always nice to save a few bucks while feeling safe. In some circumstances, a home security system can lower your homeowner’s insurance by 20%! That amount could easily cover the affordable monthly monitoring fee that comes with a DIY home security system. 

4. Improves Electricity Management

Many of today’s security systems come equipped with temperature sensors. This way you can keep track of the ambient temperature of your home from anywhere and adjust your thermostat accordingly. Additionally, investing in an Indoor Camera allows you to monitor whether or not you remembered to turn your lights off.

5. Gives You Remote Access to your Pets!

Investing in a security camera does not only allow you to record and monitor an active alarm event but also allows you to keep tabs on your furry friends. Check in with them throughout the day. Even if your cat sleeps the day away, it’s always nice to see what they’re up to.