4 Reasons to Go Keyless at Your Real Estate Property

4 Reasons to Go Keyless at Your Real Estate Property

With the rise of short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, more and more homeowners are opening their homes to strangers far and wide. Suddenly, they’ve found that home security needs rise along with their number of clients. A smart home security system is the perfect way to keep tabs on your property and gives you greater control over who is able to enter your home. The most crucial part of this smart home upgrade is a smart door lock, providing keyless entry for you and your guests. In this post, we explain the best reasons to go keyless.

1. Remotely Grant Access

How many times have you had to take the time to let someone into the property? With an Internet-connected lock, you can open the door without being physically present! Many people hide a key under the mat or in a potted plant, but these methods are unsafe because burglars are aware of these hiding places. If you eliminate a physical key, the house becomes much more secure.

Some smart locks also allow for code scheduling, where codes can be active at certain times of the day and/or days of the week. This feature is especially helpful for house cleaners or contractors working on the home. You can set the code to work on the days and times they are expected at the home, and deactivate their code at all other times. Stay secure and safe, knowing that you control when someone can enter your home.

2. Keep Track of Door Activity

When your renters, tenants, and guests arrive, you’ll want to know that they’ve successfully entered the house. With a smart door lock, you’ll be made aware of all locking and unlocking events. This feature is especially useful to make sure AirBnB guests leave by their scheduled checkout time.

An activity feed is also useful to make sure that people are not accessing the property without an appointment or reservation. You can use this feature in conjunction with the code scheduling mentioned above to ensure that your home is secure at all hours, and that no unexpected visitors make themselves at home. Consider adding additional home security devices. This Q&A from Porch.com answers common questions about smart door locks and smart home security.

3. Increased Protection Against Burglars

Traditional pin tumbler locks are not the most effective way to secure your property. It is a technology that has been around for over a hundred years, and thieves have the ability to pick a standard door lock. In addition, a traditional key can be copied without your authorization or knowledge, making your home vulnerable to anyone who has a copy of the house key. A keyless lock eliminates this vulnerability so that you always know who has access to the door. 

There is the possibility of someone sharing your lock’s PIN code, just like someone could share a key. If you change your smart lock’s code frequently, however, this possibility is reduced or eliminated. It is much easier and efficient to change a code than it is to change a lock!

4. Never Lock Yourself Out Again

One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a property manager is locking yourself out of the house. When you manage multiple properties, sometimes you take the wrong key and are unable to gain access to the home. When you have to quickly clean a house in between one group of guests checking out and another group checking in, it can impact your business to have to go back to the office to obtain the correct key.

With a smart lock, there is no need to worry about having the correct key. You’ll never forget a key inside the property, and renters cannot lose the keys. With a PIN or connected smart app, everyone will have unlocking privileges precisely when needed. Without the hassle of cumbersome keys, the overall experience for owners, managers, and renters becomes much more pleasant.

Finally, here are some recommended smart lock brands (both of which are compatible with Scout Alarm):

Yale Real Living

Kwikset SmartCode