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4 IFTTT Recipes that Will Make Your Scout Security System Even More Convenient

 •  4 minutes read

4 IFTTT Recipes that Will Make Your Scout Security System Even More Convenient

Most modern home security systems now come with internet connectivity and complimentary mobile apps to keep track of your home when you’re on the go. Using powerful new websites like (If This Then That) and, you can create amazingly useful workflows and automations between your phone and smart devices. For these examples, we have chosen to use IFTTT and Scout alarm.

1. If I am almost home, disarm my alarm.

Sometimes pulling out your phone to disarm your Scout alarm isn’t possible or easy. Maybe your hands are full or you’re in a rush to catch the game. This IFTTT recipe uses your phone’s GPS position to disarm the alarm. Set it for the end of your driveway and you can be confident that by the time your hand touches the doorknob, your system will be disarmed. Click here to view the recipe.

2. If my alarm is triggered, flash my Hue or LIFX lights.

There is a reason that alarm systems in public buildings have bright flashing lights: people have hearing disabilities including playing their music in their headphones too loud. The visual indicators of a flashing light add an urgency and an extra level of reliability to your home security system. Use this IFTTT recipe to flash your WiFi enabled lights when your alarm is going off. Click here to view the recipe for Hue. Click here to view the recipe for LIFX

3. If I wake up, have my Jawbone disarm the alarm.

Nothing feels better than setting your alarm to “Home” so you can sleep safely knowing your house is protected, and the alarm wont be triggered by your sleep walking. Alternatively, nothing feels worse than waking up, making breakfast, and going outside to smell the roses when your alarm goes off. Use this IFTTT recipe to work with your Jawbone fitness tracker. When Jawbone recognizes you are awake, it will disarm your Scout alarm for you. Click here to view the recipe

4. Get Scout alarm updates on my Tesla’s dashboard.

If you’re living several lightyears and financial brackets ahead of the rest of us, you might need your long distance electric car’s touchscreen dashboard to give you real-time updates about the entry points to your house. Now, while driving, you’ll get notified when alarms are triggered or sensors are set off. Take control of global warming and home security in one fell swoop. Click here to view the recipe. Not getting a Tesla anytime soon? Don’t worry about it, we all navigate using our phones anyway, and Scout has a great mobile app that will give you notifications on the go.