Scout + Amazon Alexa

    If you own an Amazon Echo, you know that simply saying “Alexa” allows the device to wake up and respond to your commands. With our Amazon Echo, Dot, and Show integrations, you can ask Alexa to arm your Scout, check the status of a Scout sensor, get help, and more.

    Learn more about Amazon Echo here.

    How do I integrate my Amazon Echo with Scout?

    1. In the Alexa app, search for "Scout Alarm" under "All Skills".
    2. Click Enable.
    3. Sign in to your Scout Alarm account.
    4. Select  Continue.
    5. Choose a Scout Alarm location from the dropdown menu (if you have more than one Scout Alarm location) and create a unique pin number for disarming Scout with Alexa. Next time you disarm Scout with Alexa, you will be asked to provide this pin.
    6. Tap  Save.

    Please note: We require pin number verification ONLY when using Alexa to disarm Scout. This extra security step helps keep your home safe. Please be sure to remember your pin, and contact us if you need help!

    What can I ask Alexa to do?

    The Scout/Alexa integration allows you to operate Scout with dozens of voice commands. For example, try asking Alexa to:

    • tell Scout to arm/disarm
    • tell Scout to switch to Vacation mode
    • ask Scout if the front door is working

    For a full list of commands, click here.

    Can I trigger a panic mode through Alexa?

    Yes, if you request Alexa to panic, here’s how it will play out:

    1. Alexa will confirm your request to panic.
    2. After confirmation, Scout will notify the Members in your account.
    3. Scout’s panic siren will activate.
    4. If you are subscribed to Scout's Always On+ professional monitoring plan, Scout will notify professional monitoring.