More than just a pretty face

    From purchase to set up and through everyday use, Scout puts you in the driver's seat.

    With Scout, you choose:

    • the components you want
    • the color and finish
    • the actions Scout will initiate in different situations
    • the level of support you want

    Not sure what's right for you?

    We'll guide you through the entire process.

    Build your ideal system

    Learn about our Products

    Scout Hub

    The Hub ensures a constant, wireless communication between you and Scout sensors. The Hub will send relevant notifications to your smartphone and computer and sound its 105dB siren when an alarm is triggered.

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    Door Panel

    The Door Panel monitors entryways as they open and close and also contains a powerful siren and RFID scanner. Mount it at an entry door so you can arm and disarm as you come and go, even when your phone dies.

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    Access Sensor

    Access Sensors continuously monitor anything that opens and closes. Place them on doors and windows to secure the perimeter of your house, or place them on cabinets and drawers for extra protection inside your home.

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    Motion Sensor

    The Motion Sensor can detect movement up to 25 feet away, day or night. Its unique shape and 90 degree field of view allow for placement on walls, in corners, standing on a shelf and more.

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    Water Sensor

    The Water Sensor can detect the presence of water, day or night. Its unique design and tethered electrode allow for a variety of water sensing applications.

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    Your anytime, anywhere connection to your home.

    Check in from any smart device

    • activity feed records all sensor activity
    • view the entire system or a single sensor

    Set custom actions and alerts

    • tell Scout how to react in different situations
    • set location and context-based modes
    • auto-alert a trusted network if you're out of reach

    Arm and disarm from anywhere

    • remotely grant temporary access to your home
    • arm Scout or change modes from your phone

    Pull the plug on false alarms

    • know exact sensor that tripped in seconds
    • quickly decide if you need the police or not

    Flexible support for that extra peace of mind.

    UL Certified monitoring

    the highest caliber of trusted professional monitoring providers

    Cellular 4G LTE backup

    Scout stays up and running even if your internet goes out

    No annual contract

    change service plans whenever you want with no penalty

    What happens if an alarm goes off?

    1. Sensor is tripped

    A sensor detects unexpected activity and immediately notifies your Scout Hub.

    2. Your plan in motion

    The Hub triggers your preset responses such as a siren or custom alerts.

    3. Respond or ignore

    View details of the event and quickly decide if you need to alert authorities or not.

    Our Commitment

    Scout's versatile hardware and sophisticated technology are designed to provide you with complete protection. But security only works if it works for you.

    Money back guarantee

    One-year product warranty

    Friendly support