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Security Expert Shares Secrets to Keep Your Employees Safe

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Security Expert Shares Secrets to Keep Your Employees Safe

1. It Can Happen To You.

We all strive to make our homes and workplaces safe but incidents can occur anywhere. People are often overheard saying things like, “I could never imagine it happening here.” Coming to terms with the reality of the situation will make you more vigilant and observant of your environment. Mistakes happen in offices. You have the power to deter them and to catch them before they create safety hazards.

2. Protect Your Back.

If your employees sit at a desk for most of the day, they run the risk of causing back problems. Make sure to keep your shoulders in line with your hips and avoid stooping and twisting. Use ergonomic furniture and safety equipment to make sure that everything you need is within easy reach.

3. Take Regular Breaks.

So many workplace injuries, safety violations, and other incidents take place due to workers being tired, burnt out, or not alert to their surroundings. Short breaks throughout the day will keep your employees fresh. Be sure to try and schedule the most difficult tasks for the morning when worker concentration is at its highest.

4. Keep Emergency Exits Accessible.

It’s the easiest thing to do to keep your employees safe. If something does go wrong, make sure that everyone in your office knows where the exits are and that they can exit the building safely without any obstacles in their way.

5. Reduce Workplace Stress.

This may be the most difficult task to implement on this list. Stress can be omnipresent in society but a stressed out employee can create an unsafe work environment for all of your employees. Workplace related stress can lead to depression and concentration problems and is often caused by long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity, and interpersonal conflicts in the office. A good supervisor goes a long way. Make sure that you are prepared to assist your employees suffering from stress and have the tools you need to help your employees avoid stressors.

6. Consider Safety Drills.

Practice makes perfect. Run through fire drills and other safety checks with your employees. Make sure that your employees know what to do in the event of a fire, intruder, earthquake, etc. Regular safety drills can also function as breaks and team building exercises. These safety drills can also be excellent opportunities to find leaders among your employees.

7. Invest In An Alarm System.

Not only are you keeping your office and all of your equipment and belongings safe and secure, you are also creating a safer environment for your employees. Your employees (and you) will benefit from the added peace-of-mind that comes with a security system. Be sure to do your research about which system will be best for your office. Consider Scout Alarm, an affordable DIY system that is customizable to the specific needs of each office.

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