Beta EXP: Meet The Team

Meet The Beta EXP Team: J.D.

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Meet The Beta EXP Team: J.D.

Name: J.D.

Brief Bio: Last year, J.D. built his home and focused on included home automation. While DIY options are endless and reviews are overwhelming, he’s been thrilled with Scout especially. During design, his focus was on energy efficiency, integration, ease and security.

Top DIY / IoT Blogs or Periodicals:

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Postscapes
  3. Various Twitter feeds

Any DIY / IoT devices beside Scout?: Nest, Hue, Echo, Blossom

How are they used & connected to Scout?: All of them connect to Scout except for my irrigation. We utilize the home and away mode to activate/deactivate specific devices. This allows for our home to be securely monitored while maintaining energy efficiency. Scout is the platform controlling the integration.

What’s your IFTTT “secret sauce” recipes?: Deactivating the entire home per proximity to my home. Flash all home lights during activation of Nest Smoke or Scout alarm.

Any "happy accidents" with recipe or device combo?: No "happy accidents" yet but we have a dedicated camera to our dog, Dierks, and alerts us everytime he wakes up. We are working on integrating his dog bowl in order to remotely send him treats during specific times of the day. What a life!

Ever "hacked" or customized any devices, and if yes what/why?: No, but I’m interested!

What should everyone know regarding their DIY home security?: Build the system around your lifestyle without over complicating the technology. Work smarter not harder. (Boston accent writer's own :)