Holiday & Winter "Recipes" from Our Family To Yours

 •  5 mins read

Holiday & Winter

The holidays and winter months are full of time spent with family and friends, around the house or traveling. They're often also filled with memories of special recipes that have been shared and passed down over time. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to share some special "recipes" with all of you from our team and Beta EXP team that can help you automate and protect yourself and your family more thoroughly this time of year.


Connect your Scout Door Panel or Motion Sensor to a Hive active plug connected to either your tree lights or a lamp. This will turn on the lights automatically when the door is opened or motion is sensed. It's a great way to surprise family members...or any potential intruders. As a bonus, you will conserve energy when you arm the system as it turns the lights off!

For the Kids:

Create a button widget via IFTTT connected to a dlink smart plug that operates interior and/or exterior Christmas lights. Now you can weild the mighty power of having the most over the top Christmas light display on the block from your pocket! Kids love this recipe and turning the lights on and off too.

Locks/Arming & Disarming:

Create an IFTTT recipe to disarm Scout when your Kevo lock is unlocked using the app only, but NOT any key fobs that you have handed out. This makes it easier for you to enter the house day to day, but hedges bets if your key fobs ever go missing or are shared without our knowledge.


Create an IFTTT recipe to keep you safe while on vacation! Use IFFTT to turn off sleep mode before you leave the house every morning. While you're away and set the house on away mode (as the recipe should be linked to location), the recipe won't trigger and the alarm will stay on! Once you're back, voila, back to the old routine with no hassle!


Point your Nest camera at your oven, and create an IFTTT recipe linked to a timer that sends snap shots of your turkey! It's the smart/lazy way to cook during the holidays when you'd rather be spending time with family and friends and not watching the oven.

Do you have any recipes that you'd like to share? Comment below if you do and we'll add the best to the list!