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Scout is what happens when a hardware hacker, a designer, and a developer are put on a crash course with the current home security industry. In the summer of 2012, our office was filled with capacitive touch experiments, advanced sensors, and motion-tracking displays (plus we were looking an excuse to buy a drone; we’re nerds). When one of our team members went to buy a security system for his house, we realized how big of a gap there was between what we had in our hands and what’s available to the general public.

The reality is that home security companies have been filling their beige boxes with the same dated technology for the past two decades. That would be fine, of course, if their prices were coming down. But you can’t even find the pricing on most of their sites. When you finally schedule a “technician” to come out, the pitch you get is pretty unbelievable. You’ll hear all about 36-month contracts, land-lines, hard-wired equipment, installation fees, monthly fees, and upwards of a thousand dollars in hardware - depressing stuff.

Once we saw behind the curtain, it was no surprise to us that only 18 percent of homes in the USA have a home security system. It’s a miserable process with no alternative. Enter Scout: we bring you the latest in technology and modern design at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to be protected.

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