SmartThings: Professional Monitoring FAQ

    How does SmartThings work with Scout Alarm?

    Scout Alarm  provides 24/7 professional burglary monitoring for SmartThings. If you are a SmartThings customer, you can use Scout's professional monitoring to dispatch police in response to intrusion events. No Scout hub required!

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    Will Scout Alarm sensors work with the SmartThings hub and vice versa?

    Not at this time. If you are a Scout Alarm customer, the Scout Alarm sensors are not compatible with the SmartThings hub. If you are a SmartThings customer, SmartThings sensors are not compatible with the Scout Alarm hub.

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    Is 4G cellular backup included?

    4G cellular backup is not included in Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring for SmartThings.

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    Will Scout Alarm dispatch for Fire/Smoke/CO?

    Not at this time. Scout Professional Monitoring for SmartThings only monitors for burlary or intrusion events, and dispatches the police. If you download a PDF certificate for insurance purposes, it will state your home is covered for "Burglary."  

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    What happens if I have an intrusion event with Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring?

    1.  With Scout Alarm professional monitoring, you will receive a call from Scout Alarm 90 seconds after an intrusion event if you do not disarm. The caller ID will be 800-633-2677, and "Central Station" will be displayed when available.
    2.  A dispatcher will call-to-verify and state "This is [name] with Scout Alarm, is emergency assistance needed?" 
    3.  If assistance isn't need, you will be asked for your Central Station Pass Code.
    4.  If you do not know what the Central Station Pass Code is, they will advise you that it is the secret word or number given to the monitoring station to identify yourself.
    5.  If you do not give the correct pass code, the dispatcher will repeat back to you the code they believe they heard. You will not be told if the wrong code was given. 
    6. If you give the wrong code - or do not know it - the dispatcher will politely end the call and dispatch WITHOUT telling you the police are being dispatched.
    7. If you request the police, our Central Station agents will stay on the line for as long as you need them to do so.

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    Who does professional monitoring call first? 

    Dispatch will dial the first number listed in your account. If there's no answer, dispatch will call the second number listed in your account. If dispatch is able to reach a person after dialing the first number, the second number will not be dialed. If no one can be reached, the police will be dispatched.

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    Do I need to register my monitored SmartThings system with my local municipality?

    Your municipality may require a permit for any security system that includes police dispatching, like the Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring plan. Please check with your local government regarding any such requirements. Depending on your municipality, you may be fined for dispatching the authorities without a proper permit. 

    Please review  our Permit FAQ for more information on permit registration, fines, and fees.

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    Will I receive a monitoring certificate for my insurance company?

    A PDF of your monitoring certificate can be downloaded at any time.

    To download your certificate, please open the SmartThings app and follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the "Smart Home Monitor" tab
    2. Tap Configure in iOS or Setup in Android
    3. Under "Professional Monitored Service" select Scout Alarm
    4. Tap Scout Alarm to manage your location 
    5. Under "Edit your Monitoring Plan", select Edit to reveal a drop down menu
    6. Select Email Monitoring Certificate (PDF)
    7. Check your email and locate your new Scout Alarm monitoring certificate!

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    Which countries does Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring for SmartThings cover?

    Scout Alarm monitors the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) at this time.

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