SmartThings: Install Scout Alarm SmartApp

    How To Add Scout Professional Monitoring to SmartThings

    Have SmartThings and want to add Scout Professional Monitoring? Follow the steps below to monitor your SmartThings in minutes:

    1. Launch your SmartThings mobile app
    2. Select Smart Home Monitor
    3. Select the overflow menu icon in the top right
    4. Tap Configure in iOS or Setup in Android
    5. Select Scout Alarm under Professionally Monitored Service
    6. Tap to register under Scout Alarm Registration
    7. Enter all your information under address, emergency contact and location access
    8. Once you enter your Pass Code(s) tap ADD
    9. Enter any additional information that can be used by authorities to gain access to your location
    10. Select Done
    11. Select Next - Choose A Plan
    12. Choose a monitoring plan
    13. Enter your Billing Information. Once complete, select Submit.

    Once submitted, you will receive an email requesting you to digitally sign the Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring Agreement. Your monitoring plan will remain in test mode for at least 72 hours or longer until the monitoring agreement has been signed. Once the agreement is digitally signed, Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring will be enabled on your SmartThings system.

    Adding professional monitoring to your SmartThings account is easy and quick. In minutes you can have 24/7 monitoring of your home and family, keeping you safe all day, every day.

    Note: To view and edit your professional monitoring information, you must access your Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring account via the SmartThings app. Only Scout Alarm hardware customers can access their monitoring account via at this time.

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