Scout + Nest (Thermostat, Protect, Cam)

    Scout allows you to easily manage and control all your Nest device(s) in one place. You can add Nest cameras to keep watch over your home, use Nest Protect to monitor smoke and carbon monoxide, and control your Nest Thermostat – all within the Scout app!

    Which Nest products integrate with Scout Alarm?

    We currently integrate with the Nest Cam, Nest Protect, and Nest Thermostat.

    Why should I integrate Scout with Nest?

    Great question. Using Scout to control Nest means that all your connected devices will be able to easily communicate with one another, increasing the intelligence of the overall system. After integrating Scout and Nest, you’ll be able to control both Scout Alarm and your Nest products via the Scout iPhone app, Android app, or on the web.

    What can I do with Nest Cam, Nest Protect, and Nest Thermostat?

    To get you started, here are some examples of what you can do:

    1. Add Nest cameras to your Scout modes. Just like Scout sensors, Nest cameras track unexpected motion in your home. After integrating Nest, you can monitor any event detected by Nest Cam in your Scout activity feed. Read more about how to add Nest Cam to Scout.
    2. Use Nest Protect to track smoke and carbon monoxide in your home. After integrating Nest, you can set Scout to send you a notification when Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide or smoke. Read how to integrate Nest Protect and Scout.
    3. Control your Nest Thermostat remotely with Scout. After integrating Nest, you can set your Nest Thermostat to "Away" when you arm your Scout Alarm. Read how to integrate Nest Thermostat and Scout.

    Do you integrate with both the indoor and outdoor Nest cameras?

    As a matter of fact, we do. After integration, both indoor and outdoor Nest cameras will be added to your Scout alarm.

    How do I integrate Nest with my Scout?

    To link Nest with Scout, log into your Scout account via the iPhone app, Android app, or online, and follow the steps below.

    1. Go to your Devices page.
    2. Select + add device.
    3. Under Cameras and Environment, you'll select your Nest devices.
    4. You'll be directed to your Nest account to log in and complete the integration.

    How do I remove my Nest integration?

    1. Navigate to your Devices page.
    2. Tap your Nest device.
    3. Select the Trash icon in the top right.

    Can I use the siren in my Nest Protect for my Scout alarm system?

    Due to the Works with Nest guidelines, we are not permitted to activate the Nest Protect siren if your Scout Alarm has an active alarm. It’s also a good idea to have different alarms for Nest Protect and Scout Alarm, so that you can easily distinguish between the two sirens.

    I have Always On+ professional monitoring. Can you dispatch the authorities when one of my Nest devices is triggered?

    Scout is not permitted to dispatch emergency services when a Nest device is triggered.

    • If your Nest Protect detects smoke or carbon monoxide, Scout will notify you. However, you alone are responsible for contacting the fire department.
    • If you are using Nest Cam as a motion sensor and there is an intruder, it is likely that a Scout sensor will trip as well. In this case, Scout’s monitoring will notify you.

    Please note: If you see an intruder on your Nest Cam, please do not wait for Scout to contact you. Call the police department right away.

    When I try to arm my Scout with a key fob, my Nest doesn’t change to “Away.” How can I use the key fob to set my Nest to “Away”?

    The Works With Nest guidelines require us to obtain a second confirmation before setting your Nest to Home or Away. This means you’ll have to arm your Scout using the app or online dashboard. Here’s how:

    1. After arming/disarming, a second notification will appear on your app or Scout dashboard.
    2. The pop-up notification will ask you to confirm your Nest as Away.
    3. To set your Nest to Away, tap Confirm.

    If you’re only using the key fob to arm/disarm your Scout, there’s currently no simple way to set your Nest to “Away.”

    How can I isolate a single Nest Cam so that it remains on after disarming? When I switch to Home Mode, Scout turns off all the cameras.

    If you’ve set your Scout to disable the Nest Cam upon disarming, this means that ALL your Nest cameras will turn off. With our Nest integration, you can’t isolate a single camera to remain on when Scout is disarmed – you must turn all cameras on or off.