Scout + LIFX + Philips Hue

    Through Scout’s integration with LIFX and Philips Hue, you can set your smart bulbs to flash red during an active alarm.

    How can I integrate my lights with Scout?

    The first step is to link the device with Scout. Here’s how:

    1. In the Scout mobile app, tap the Devices menu on the bottom right.
    2. Select + add device
    3. Under "Environment" select Lighting
    4. Select LIFX or hue
    5. Sign into your account(s) to complete integration with Scout.

    OK, I did that. Now how can I get my lights to flash red?

    After linking your accounts, follow these steps to set your lights to flash red during an active alarm:

    1. Long press on a Scout mode to reveal the Edit Mode page.
    2. Under “Then,” select Flash Lights (it will turn blue to indicate that it’s active).
    3. Tap done in the top left to exit out of the “Edit Mode” page.
    4. If you wish, repeat the process with other Scout modes.

    The next time you have an active alarm, your connected lights will flash red!

    Can I change the color of my flashing lights or change how many times they flash?

    With our current integration, your lights will only flash red, and the flashing only lasts for a specific amount of time (until the alarm is disarmed). However, by using the IFTTT integration with Scout, you can try out other options! Learn more about using IFTTT and Scout.