Permit FAQ

    What is an alarm permit/registration? 

    > An alarm permit is a permit required by some municipalities, even if they're self-installed. Registration for an alarm permit usually involves filling out a form and paying a small fee, however, each municipality has different requirements. 

    Do I need an alarm permit?

    It depends, some municipalities require you to register an alarm with your city or county.  Sometimes you only need a permit if your alarm is professionally monitored while other ordinances require you to register any alarm with a siren. Although we do try to keep an updated list, there are thousands of jurisdictions so it’s impossible for us to keep track of every one that requires a permit and their changing regulations. Make sure you check with your local police department and county sheriff to see if an alarm permit is required. When checking with your local jurisdiction, please do not dial 911. You should be able to find a regular service line, as well as false alarm reduction information, on your city or county’s website.

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    What happens if I don’t register for a permit?

    Not registering for a permit can have serious consequences. You can be heavily fined or in certain municipalities, the police will refuse to dispatch. In some circumstances they may even add additional fines on top of your false alarm fees.

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    Why are permits required?

    Police departments respond to thousands of alarm calls every year. The majority of these calls end up being false alarms. To offset the cost of sending police officers out to investigate a burglary that never happened, they charge permit and false alarm fees. They also feel these fees will encourage alarm users to be aware of how to use their security system and avoid triggering any false alarms.

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    I need help or additional information to finish filling out my permit application.

    No problem, if you send an email to, we’ll be more than happy to help you obtain the required information or answer any questions.

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    I have to pay a fee to register my alarm. Will Scout reimburse?

    Sorry, but customers are responsible for any fees required to register their Scout Alarm. Scout Alarm will cover any fees/registration paperwork required by the municipality for the alarm company. 

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    I have a permit or license number. Now what?

    Send your permit or license number to We’ll add a note to your account so if the police request your permit number, our professional monitoring dispatchers will have your information on hand. Some municipalities also require you to post your permit on a window or close to an entry way so the officer at the scene has a way to contact you quickly in case of an intrusion.

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    The police gave me a false alarm fee because I didn’t know I had to register a permit/I received a false alarm.  Will you pay it?

    Unfortunately, we can’t be held responsible for ensuring each customer has a permit registered in areas that requires one. We also can not reimburse for fines as a result of false alarms. 

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    I received a false alarm fine directly from Scout Alarm. Why?

    Most municipalities fine customers directly, but some will pass the fine to the alarm company. The alarm company is then expected to pass the fine on to the customer. If Scout Alarm is passing along a fine, it's because we paid a fine on your behalf from your local city/county. Fines are processed via your payment method on file within 72 hours after notice is sent. 

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