Notification Settings

    How do I update my notification settings?

    To change your notification settings, follow the steps below:

    1. In the Scout mobile app, select the gear icon in the top left corner.
    2. Under Settings, select Notification Settings.
    3. Toggle notifications on/off.

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    What types of push notifications can I receive?

    There are 3 types of Scout push notifications available. If enabled, you will receive a push notification when these situations occur:

    1. Arm/Disarm Change: Your Scout system is armed or disarmed by a Member at your location

    2. Power Outage: Your hub loses connection to power and switches to battery back-up

    3. Lost Sensor: A sensor goes offline and is no longer communicating with your hub

    You can enable or disable these push notifications at any time through the “Notifications Settings” page.

    Remember that these notification settings are not the same as Mode notifications. To edit notifications for active alarms, you’ll need to edit your Scout modes.

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    I’m receiving email notifications, but I want a push notification.

    Push notifications must be enabled from within the Scout Alarm app. Otherwise, you’ll only receive email notifications.

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    Who receives notifications?

    Admins and Members receive notifications.

    • Admins receive all available notifications enabled in “Notification Settings.”
    • Members receive a notification when modes are armed or disarmed.

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    What other notifications does Scout send?

    The Scout support team sends an email notification to Admins when your hub remains offline for an extended period of time, or when a sensor has a low battery.

    We’ll also send you a push notification when your hub loses connection to our servers or switches over to a cellular connection.

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    Help! I’m not receiving any notifications. What should I do?

    If you’re not receiving Push Notifications:

    • Please ensure push notifications are enabled for the Scout Alarm app in your phone settings. If the issue persists, please delete and reinstall the Scout Alarm mobile app and accept push notifications when prompted.

    If you’re not receiving Email Notifications:

    • Check your Spam folder and filter settings to ensure our emails are not being marked as Spam.

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    Why am I receiving multiple sets of the same notification?

    Duplicate notifications occur when multiple people are logged into the Scout mobile app under the same email address and password. All Members in your location should be logged in to the Scout app with a unique email address and password.

    Read how an Admin can add new Members here.

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