Indoor HD Camera Troubleshooting

    Scout Indoor HD Cameras detect sound and motion in your home, and record HD video. If your Scout HD Camera disconnects, read below to learn what to do.

    My Camera disconnected.

    You can use the light indicator on the top of the Camera to quickly see the current status of the device. Green: Camera is online and connected to wifi

    • Green: Camera is online and connected to wifi
    • Flashing Green: Camera is connecting to wifi
    • Red: Camera is unable to connect to a wifi network
    • No Light: Camera is disconnected from power, or camera status light is disabled

    *Please note that a red light will emit from the center of the camera when night vision is on.

    If the LED is Red, then your Camera has lost connection to your wifi network. This can be caused if:

    • A power surge causes a problem with your internet router
    • You temporarily lose power which affects your internet router
    • A wire in your router setup temporarily comes loose
    • You change your WiFi network settings

    To bring your Camera back online, reset your router, and confirm all of its wires are firmly plugged in.

    If your WiFi settings have changed

    Follow these steps to update them:

    1. Navigate to the devices menu in the Scout App
    2. Select your Scout Camera
    3. Click the Gear icon in the top right
    4. Under Device Options select Update WiFi
    5. Follow the steps provided to reconnect your Camera to your network

    If the LED is not emitting any light

    Ensure the light indicator is enabled in your Camera’s settings. The toggle next to Status Light on your Camera’s device page will be to the right, and highlighted blue.

    If the light indicator is enabled, but the LED is still not emitting, then your Camera has lost power. This can be caused if:

    • Power cord comes loose from Camera
    • Power cord disconnected from outlet
    • Outlet is not functioning properly due to power outage or blown fuse

    You’ll want to make sure the power cord is firmly plugged into your Camera and power outlet, and make sure the outlet is working.