Hub Troubleshooting

    The Scout Hub is responsible for maintaining continuous wireless communication between all of your Scout sensors. If your Scout Hub is not properly connecting or showing "no signal", read below to learn what to do.

    My Scout Hub is flashing between red and/or yellow and is showing as offline.
    My Scout Hub is showing there’s no cellular signal.
    My hub is showing a weak cellular signal.
    Scout Hub Light Explanations

    My Scout Hub is flashing between red and/or yellow and is showing as offline.

    First, check your Scout Hub’s power and ethernet connections. Ensure the LED lights on the back of the hub near the ethernet port light up when the ethernet cord is plugged in.

    If everything is properly connected and your internet is up and running, reset your Scout Hub by following these steps:

    1. Remove the power cord from the hub.

    2. Insert a straightened paperclip into the pinhole in the back of the hub.

    3. Verify that the lights have turned off and the hub has reset.

    4. Reconnect the power cord.

    After reconnecting the power cord, the light on the front of the Scout Hub will cycle through several different colors until it lands back on green.  

    If the reset doesn’t work, try these common solutions:

    • Try another port on your router.
    • Restart your router. After the router is back online, reset the Scout Hub and then reconnect it to your router.
    • Bypass the router altogether and plug your Scout Hub directly into your modem. If the hub works with your modem, there may be an issue with your router.

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    My Scout Hub is showing there’s no cellular signal.

    When the Scout Hub is first installed, the cellular reading automatically updates. After installation, the cellular reading refreshes once per day. To refresh your cellular reading manually, contact Scout support at or 1-844-AT-SCOUT.

    Scout uses the AT&T network with T-Mobile as backup. If you receive better T-Mobile service in your area, please reach out to Scout support and we’ll change your Scout cellular provider.

    If you live in a rural area not covered by AT&T/T-Mobile, we may not be able to provide the cellular backup feature. If you live in an area covered by AT&T/T-Mobile and you’re still not receiving a cellular reading, the signal may be blocked and you may need to relocate the Scout Hub in your home. Moving or rotating the hub should do the trick.

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    My hub is showing a weak cellular signal.

    If you’re seeing a “poor” signal strength, we suggest moving and/or rotating the Scout Hub. Scout uses AT&T; however, we can switch your service provider to T-Mobile if T-Mobile has better service coverage in your area.

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    Scout Hub Light Explanations

    The lights in the Scout Hub provide key information about your Scout’s status:

    • Solid Green - Hub is online and connected to Scout servers via ethernet
    • Flashing Green - Hub is in “pairing mode” and attempting to pair with a sensor
    • Solid Yellow - Attempting to connect to Scout’s servers
    • Flashing Yellow -  Cannot sign into Scout’s servers
    • Solid Blue - Connected via cellular
    • Flashing Blue - Attempting to connect via cellular
    • Solid Red (Hub offline/connection issue)
    • Flashing Red - Hub offline/connection issue
    • Flashing White - Active Alarm
    • Solid Purple - Powering Up
    • Turquoise - Firmware update in progress
    • (No Light) - No power: Hub is unplugged or power is out and backup battery is drained

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