Comparison: Version 1 and 1S

    What is version 1S?

    Version 1S is our newest version of Scout hardware. We started accepting pre-orders on Thursday, Dec. 8th and began shipping in January 2017.

    What are the new features of 1S?

    Our version 1S hardware has improved sensor range and battery life, a 105 dB siren in the hub and door panel, and Z-Wave and ZigBee radios in the hub.

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    I’m a current Scout customer. Is version 1S compatible with my current Scout Alarm system?

    At this time, version 1S hardware is not compatible with version 1 systems. However, it will be compatible in the near future.

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    How do I know if I’m a version 1 (V1) customer?

    If you received your Scout Alarm before Jan. 1st, 2017, you have V1 hardware.

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    I’m a current Scout customer, can I upgrade my Scout hub to 1S?

    V1 hardware is currently  not compatible with version 1S hardware. If you purchase a new 1S hub, it will not communicate with your V1 sensors.

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    Why is 1S hardware not compatible with my Scout hardware?

    V1 devices communicate through a lightweight mesh network. Version 1S devices communicate via ZigBee. Because the systems don’t use the same “language” so to speak, they’re not able to communicate. However, all of that will change once we update current systems to speak ZigBee in the near future.

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    When will 1S sensors be compatible with my Scout Alarm system?

    After we release the ZigBee firmware update for V1 systems, current Scout customers can purchase version 1S sensors. This firmware is in beta testing, and will be availale early 2018.

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    I’m a current Scout customer and I’d like to order more sensors. I prefer not to wait until the ZigBee firmware update is released in 2018. What can I do in the meantime?

    If you’re a current Scout customer with V1 hardware and you’d like to purchase additional sensors, please reach out to We can assist you with ordering more sensors. Take note, stock of V1 hardware is limited at this time.

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    I’m a current customer and I’d like to order the new 1S system!

    Awesome! Here are the steps:

    1. Visit our store here. Make sure you’re logged out of your Scout Alarm account in the top right.
    2. Add devices from the store to your cart.
    3. When you checkout, you can then input your Scout Alarm email address.

    Note: Once you receive your new 1S system, please contact Scout Alarm support. We can assist with removing the V1 system from your location so you can pair your new Scout hub and sensors. This will retain your current members, activity feed, and modes. Keep in mind, it's not possible to "mix and match" V1 and V1S hardware at this time.

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