Arming and Disarming

    How do I arm/disarm Scout?

    Arming and disarming your Scout is fast and easy! Take note, before you arm/disarm your system, you'll first want to configure your modes.

    There are three ways to arm/disarm:

    Mobile App and Web Dashboard

    1. To arm, tap or click the shield icon on a Scout mode. The mode will turn from grey to blue.
    2. After 45 seconds, the shield icon on the mode bar will fill to indicate Scout is armed.
    3. Tap the shield again to disarm. The mode will return to gray to indicate that Scout is disarmed.

    Key Fob

    By swiping a key fob at any door panel in your system, you can instantly arm/disarm your Scout Alarm. To arm/disarm your Scout with a key fob, follow these handy steps:

    1. Hold the key fob up to the door panel, just right of the grill. The key fob must be close to the faceplate.
    2. Wait for the LED to flash blue (if arming) or purple (if disarming).
    3. In a diagonal motion, swipe down to the left corner of the door panel.
    4. The door panel will flash green to signify success. 

    RFID sticker

    The RFID sticker works like a back-up key fob. Place the RFID sticker on a small, secret object in your home and think of it a like a hidden spare key. Lost key fob? Phone completely dead? Guest staying with you? Grab your secret object! Just like a key fob, you can arm/disarm your Scout Alarm by swiping the sticker in front of any door panel in your system.

    To arm/disarm with the RFID sticker, follow the same steps for arming/disarming with a key fob.

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    Watch a demo of how to arm/disarm with a key fob or RFID sticker:

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    My system's arming "chirps" are too loud.

    You can silence your system's arming "chirps" through the mobile app by following these steps:

    1. Select the Devices icon on the bottom right
    2. Click on your hub
    3. Scroll down to "Arming Chirps" and select Off

    We can also lower the Door Panel's opening and arming chirp volume for you. Simply email and we’ll take care of it!

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    Do I need to be in range of my Scout hub to arm/disarm?

    Nope! You can arm/disarm from anywhere via the Scout mobile/web app.

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    How can I tell if the system is armed or disarmed?

    There are two ways to tell if your Scout is armed or disarmed:

    • Method #1: Wave your hand in front of a Scout door panel. If disarmed, the door panel’s LED will flash blue. If armed, it will flash purple/light pink.
    • Method #2: Visit the web dashboard or Scout mobile app. If a mode is blue, your Scout system is armed. If all modes are gray, your Scout system is disarmed.

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    Can I arm/disarm my Scout system remotely?

    You can arm/disarm your Scout system remotely via the web dashboard or mobile app.

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    Can I create an arm/disarm schedule?

    We do not have scheduling available directly within the Scout Alarm apps, however, this can be achieved with our IFTTT integration.

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    Can I verbally arm/disarm my Scout?

    Yes! If you have an Amazon Echo/Echo Dot or Google Home you can verbally arm and disarm your system. You can find further details and pairing instructions here: Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

    Please note that for security purposes, pin number verification is required to disarm Scout verbally

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    Can I tell who armed/disarmed my Scout system?

    Yes! In your activity feed, the admin, member, or key fob/RFID sticker that armed or disarmed the system will be listed alongside a timestamp.

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    How much time do I have to leave my home before my Scout is fully armed?

    After tapping a Mode to initiate the arming sequence, you have approximately 45 seconds to exit before Scout fully arms. The arming time cannot be changed.

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    How much time do I have to disarm my system after I enter my home or if I trigger an armed sensor?

    After entering your home, the default time to disarm Scout is set at 45 seconds. However, the disarm time can be customized within a specific Scout mode. To alter the disarm time, follow the steps below:

    1. Open the Scout Alarm mobile app or web dashboard.
    2. Long press on a mode to reveal the Edit Mode page.
    3. On the Edit Mode page, check if Custom Alarm Delay is selected.
    4. From the dropdown menu, select the new disarm time (0 - 60 seconds).

    Please Note: The Custom Alarm Delay is not available for any modes that have Professional Monitoring enabled, as a 45 second alarm delay is required for Professional Monitoring.

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    For Nest customers: Why does a Nest pop-up notification appear whenever I arm or disarm an alarm mode?

    The Works With Nest guidelines require us to obtain a second confirmation before setting your Nest to Home or Away. This means you’ll have to arm your Scout using the app or online dashboard. Here’s how:

    1. After arming/disarming, a second notification will appear on your app or Scout dashboard.
    2. The pop-up notification will ask you to confirm your Nest as Away.
    3. To set your Nest to Away, tap Confirm.

    In order to change the status of your Nest, you must tap this pop-up notification every time you arm/disarm your Scout Alarm. Learn more here.

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