Always On+ (Professional Monitoring) FAQ

    What is Always On+ professional monitoring?

    Our Always On+ plan includes professional monitoring, meaning your home is protected by Scout agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If necessary, our agents can summon emergency services on your behalf, ensuring that any intruder is swiftly apprehended and fires are quickly attended to. To guarantee the fastest response possible, we use a UL-certified call center that follows government regulations for emergency dispatch. We recommend professional monitoring for anyone who wants to ensure premier home security at all times.

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    What do I need to do to get professional monitoring?

    To start using professional monitoring, you must complete the following steps:

    1. Sign the Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring Agreement.
    2. Fulfill the 72-Hour Test Period. The test period allows you to practice using Scout’s functionality, get comfortable with the dispatch process, and learn how alarms are triggered. During this period, you will not receive an emergency response for a triggered alarm.
    3. Enable professional monitoring in your Scout modes.
    4. Register your Scout system with your local police. Please note that regulations vary by municipality, see Permit FAQ for more details

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    What is the purpose of the Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring Agreement?

    To authorize professional monitoring for your home, you must sign the Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring Agreement. If you choose to allow Scout to dispatch the police on your behalf, this agreement grants us permission to do so. It also explains our policies for professional monitoring, including fines for a high number of false alarms.

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    What should I do during the 72-Hour Test Period?

    The test period allows you to see how professional monitoring works in your home. During this period, we’ll help you test out your alarms to ensure that your Scout is properly installed. You’ll also have a chance to try out the app functionality. Don’t worry – we won’t dispatch the police to your home during this time!

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    How do I enable Modes for professional monitoring?


    1. Open the Scout Alarm mobile app.
    2. Long press on a mode to open the Edit Mode page.
    3. Under “Then”, tap Pro Monitoring (it will turn blue to indicate that it’s active).
    4. Professional monitoring is now enabled for your mode!

    Important Note: Pro Monitoring can not be enabled with a custom alarm delay. If custom alarm delay is enabled, pro monitoring will be disabled. 

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    Will I receive a phone call before Scout dispatches the police?

    Yes. If professional monitoring is enabled, your contacts will be notified before police are dispatched. If there’s no response from you, we will dispatch the police. If you choose not to dispatch, a pass code must be provided to the Scout agent.

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    Will I receive a phone call before Scout dispatches the fire department?

    Yes. If a smoke/CO detector is triggered, your primary contact number will be notified before fire department is dispatched. If there’s no response from the primary contact, we will dispatch the fire department immediately. If you choose not to dispatch, a pass code must be provided to the Scout agent.

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    What happens if an alarm is triggered and professional monitoring is alerted?

    If an armed Scout Alarm is triggered or your Smoke & CO detector is triggered, our Scout agents will contact you.

    Here’s what you can expect from the phone call with professional monitoring:

    1. The caller number will be 800-633-2677, and the caller name will be “Central Station.”
    2. The agent will say: "This is [name] with Scout Alarm, is emergency assistance needed?"
    3. If you request emergency assistance, our Scout agent will dispatch the police and stay on the line to assist you.
    4. If no assistance is needed, the agent will request your Central Station Pass Code. You will be asked to re-verify your pass code only once.
    5. Important: When providing a Central Station Pass Code, the code must be correct. If the code is incorrect by even one digit or letter, the call center will dispatch the police. The agent will not tell you if the pass code you provided is incorrect. Please note that the Central Station will call both of your emergency contact numbers if an intrusion is detected, but they will only call the primary number if smoke, fire, or CO is detected. This protocol is set in place to ensure the fastest dispatch possible.

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    Can I just have professional monitoring for police or fire?

    Not at this time; the Always On+ plan includes both police and fire monitoring. If you don’t want police dispatch enabled, simply do not enable professional monitoring in your modes.

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    Can I view my professional monitoring activity?

    Yes, your activity log in the app and dashboard will show you what actions were taken by our professional monitoring team during an active alarm. You will be able to view if and when the police or fire departments were dispatched and a summary of attempts to contact you or authorized contacts including what responses your emergency contacts gave.

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    Do I need to register my Scout Alarm with my local municipality?

    Your municipality might require a permit for any security system that includes police or fire dispatch, like the Scout Always On+ Professional Monitoring plan. Please check with your local government regarding these requirements.

    Note: Scout Alarm is not responsible for false alarm fines issued by your municipality as a result of false triggers, forgetting your pass code, etc. 

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    What happens if I receive too many calls from Scout Alarm Professional Monitoring?

    We here at Scout Alarm want to keep you as safe as possible. If you experience too many false alarms, this may prevent local authorities from responding when you need it most. A high number of calls also impacts the experience of other customers. If we notice your monitoring activity is higher than average, we will reach out to you with a warning. If you continue to experience a high number of false alarms, you may be issued a fine (fines start at $75).

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    Will Scout dispatch if my Nest Protect is triggered?

    Due to Works with Nest guidelines, we’re not able to dispatch services for a Nest Protect integrated with your Scout Alarm.

    If your insurance company requires a monitoring certificate for Fire/Smoke/CO, we are not able to provide one. If you have professional monitoring, your monitoring certificate will cover "Burglary." 

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    Will Scout dispatch for fire/smoke/CO?

    Yes, if you subscribe to our Always On+ plan, and have our Smoke Detector installed, we can dispatch for fire, smoke, or CO. Please note that we cannot dispatch for Nest protect devices or SmartThings hardware.

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    My insurance company requires a certificate in order to receive a discount. How do I get my certificate?

    To download your Scout Alarm Certificate, follow the steps below:

    1. Open the Scout Alarm mobile app
    2. Select the gear icon in the top left to reveal the Settings menu
    3. Under "Settings" select Subscriptions
    4. Select your location
    5. Tap Request monitoring certificate if you're using the app, and Download monitoring certificate if you're using the web app.
    6. Check your email for a PDF of your certificate! 

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