Scout Now Works With Nest!

 •  5 minutes read

Scout Now Works With Nest!

We are excited to announce our much-anticipated integration with Nest! Over the past couple of months, Scout has been working with Nest to enable seamless access and control of your Nest device(s) within your Scout account. We have launched our Works with Nest integration with two Nest products: Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™ and Nest Learning Thermostat™.

With access to your Nest products on Scout’s platform, you get a streamlined way to customize your suite of smart devices and protect your home in the way you see fit. By controlling your Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat from your Scout account, your connected devices will live in one place, communicate their learnings to each other, and increase the intelligence of the overall system. The end result is that Nest and Scout make your life simpler. Combined, we have a better understanding of your habits and your home to offer you a more efficient experience.

Monitor Smoke & Carbon Monoxide with Nest Protect

Once logged into your Scout account, add your Nest Protect as a device to any of your modes, just like any of Scout’s core devices. When you arm a mode that includes your Nest Protect device, and have the mode setup to send you a notification if a device has been triggered, you will receive a notification when Nest Protect detects carbon monoxide or smoke.


Control Your Nest Thermostat

Within the Scout app and web dashboard, conveniently choose which Scout modes will set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away. For example, when you arm your Away mode, you can have your Nest Thermostat immediately transition into Away as well.


To set this up, you will have to visit your Nest integrations setting page.

Visit our knowledge base for step by step instructions to integrate Nest with your Scout.

If you don’t have a Nest device, you can learn more and purchase your Nest Theromstat and/or Nest Protect at Once installed, you can easily add them to your Scout modes to control them from one platform.