Scout + Nest Update

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Scout + Nest Update

Have you noticed the changes to our Works with Nest integration? We've shifted the the way Nest devices trigger notifications, and how the Scout and Nest apps interact. Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Nest Protect Smoke & CO Detectors:

These sensors will no longer be tied to your alarm modes, but will now trigger Environmental Alarms. This means that they will be monitored at all times, independent of the armament and disarmament of your Scout system.

Nest Protect Settings

When an environmental alarm is triggered:

  • Your scout siren will sound (and Lifx/Hue lights will flash if enabled)
  • All members at the location will receive a push notification
  • Your environmental alarm contacts will be notified via email, phone and/or sms. To edit your environmental alarm contacts:
  1. Navigate to a Water Sensor or Smoke & CO device page
  2. Select Manage Emergency Contacts at the bottom of the screen
  3. Enter the email addresses and phone numbers of anyone who would like to receive an email, call, or text when an environmental alarm is triggered
  4. Press save at the bottom of the page

Please note that due to Works with Nest Guidelines, Nest Protects are unable to initiate fire dispatch, and Scout's Central Station will not be sent alarm signals from Nest Protects.

For more details on Environmental Alarms, please visit our knowledge base.

Nest Indoor & Outdoor HD Cameras:

Just like the Scout Indoor Camera, Nest cameras will no longer trigger alarms in your Scout modes. When a Nest camera is triggered, it will start recording and notify you of events that occur when your system is armed. Please note that due to Works with Nest Guidelines, Nest Cameras are unable to initiate police dispatch, and Scout's Central Station will not be sent alarm signals from Nest Cameras.

With this update, you will now see the latest snapshot from your Nest cameras alongside your Scout cameras on the home screen of our app. Tap on the snapshot to quickly open the live stream in the Nest app. Please note that specific video playback and storage settings can vary based on your Nest service.

Nest Cam Settings

For your privacy, the camera will not trigger Scout notifications when your system is disarmed. Like Scout cameras, you can enable privacy mode and configure which events you want to receive notifications for in each Scout mode.

Nest Home / Away

Nest recommends using Home/Away Assist over manually changing your Home/Away state, so we’ve removed the ability to sync your Scout modes with Nest's Home/Away state.

After arming or disarming a mode, there will no longer be a pop-up that asks if you want to enable or disable your cameras or set your Nest Thermostats to home or away.

Learn more about Nest Home / Away Assist here.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.

Enjoy the new Scout + Nest experience!