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    Meet The Beta EXP Team: G.H.

    Sep 27, 2017 • 5 mins read

    Image Courtesy of NOAA.

    Name: G.H.

    Brief Bio: Physical Oceanographer and blogger. My goal in life is to throw expensive stuff in the ocean. I play with IoT trying to find sustainable solutions for my digital and analog needs by merging new and recycled tech.

    Top DIY / IoT Blogs or Periodicals: Mostly just listening to the IoT - Internet of Things Podcast.

    Any DIY / IoT devices beside Scout?: LIFX lights, Google Play Audio, Manythings Camera, Google Assistant.

    How are they used & connected to Scout?: Everything is connected through IFTTT recipes. I have my LIFX lights connected directly through the Scout, but I have additional IFTTT recipes to light certain scenes through IFTTT.

    What’s your IFTTT “secret sauce” recipes?: The ones I have to set all my lights back to normal when I accidentally trigger my alarms before coffee in the morning. This happens more than I would like to admit.

    Any "happy accidents" with recipe or device combo?: This is not related to home security systems, but I realized that I could make a button on my phone for my kids rewards system that would flash all the lights!

    Ever "hacked" or customized any devices, and if yes what/why?: No

    What should everyone know regarding their DIY home security?: You don't need to use door and access sensors just for external doors and windows!

    *image courtesy of NOAA