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    Meet The Beta EXP Team: A.H.

    Aug 31, 2017 • 5 Mins read

    Name: A.H.

    Brief Bio: I'm a tech enthusiast from the Midwest that is passionate about startups and supporting families with kids fighting to beat cancer.

    Top DIY / IoT Blogs or Periodicals:

    1. TechCrunch
    2. The Verge
    3. Product Hunt

    Any DIY / IoT devices beside Scout?: Nest cameras, MyQ Chamberlain Wifi Garage Doors, Amazon Dash, Alexa

    How are they used?: I use Nest and MyQ as security devices and I use Amazon devices for convenience.

    What’s your IFTTT “secret sauce” recipes?: I use IFTTT to turn on Sleep Mode every night at 11pm and turn it back off every morning at 6am. I also use IFTTT to disarm Scout when I get within 1 mile of my house. I also use it to make absolutely sure Sleep Mode is armed if one of my garage doors opens between midnight and 6am (in case I turned it off manually for some reason after 11pm).

    Any "happy accidents" with recipe or device combo?: No

    Ever "hacked" or customized any devices, and if yes what/why?: Before outdoor Nest cams were available, I put two of my indoor Nest cams into weatherproof cases so they could be mounted outside and used as driveway/backyard monitors.

    What should everyone know regarding their DIY home security?: Make sure the least technical person in your house can use the security system. If it's too complicated for them to use, it can't be consistently relied on.