Water Sensor Troubleshooting

    The Scout Water Sensor continuously monitors for flooding, leaks and any other type of unwanted moisture in your home. When the Water Sensor detects moisture it will trigger an environmental alarm, which will send notifications whether your system is armed or disarmed.

    My Water Sensor isn’t pairing

    If your water sensor does not pair within 3 minutes of pulling the battery tabs, please follow these directions to perform a factory reset on your sensor

    1. Stay on the pairing page that prompts you to pull the battery tabs
    2. Remove the faceplate and battery from the water sensor
    3. Press and hold the reset button

    IMG 3285

    1. While holding down the reset button, re-insert the batteries
    2. Release the reset button

    The water sensor's light will flash, the pairing bars will fill and the hub will chirp to indicate the sensor is paired.

    My Water Sensor isn't detecting water

    The water sensor's status will change from Dry to Wet after its sensing probes has come in contact with water. Ensure you are placing water on one of the four probes; if you are using the wire connected probe, make sure the chord is firmly placed in the sensor.

    Why can't I add the Water Sensor in my Modes?

    Water sensors cannot be added to modes because they trigger Environmental alarms, rather than intrustion alarms. Environmental alarms trigger notifications whether your system is armed or disarmed; this ensures that you'll be made aware of leaks or flooding right away.

    All Admins at your location will receive a push notification if moisture is detected by the water sensor.

    Environmental alarm page

    To manage your Environmental Alarm notification settings:

    1. Navigate to the water sensor's device page
    2. Select Manage Emergency Contacts at the bottom of the screen
    3. Enter in the email addresses and phone numbers for anyone that would like to receive an e-mail, call, or text when the water sensor is triggered